Presentation Abstracts

2017 Key Findings from the Work-Life Survey of the Federal Workforce
Applying Total Worker Health® Approaches in the Dynamic Construction Industry
Findings from CDC’s Workplace Health in America Survey
Global Partnerships in total Worker Health: Lessons Emerging From Guatemala, Chile, and India
Influence of Work Organization and Environment on Health Behaviors of Construction Apprentices
Mental Health in the Workplace: A Call to Action
Partnering into Practice: Research Practice Partnerships for Total Worker Health®
Total Worker Health in the Dow Chemical Company: Innovations to Optimize Worker Health
What Can We Learn About Total Worker Health® From National Worker Surveys?
Working on Empty: A Documentary Film and the Healthy Work Campaign
Workplace Health Promotion: Negotiating the Ethical Tightrope
A Description of Small Business Employee Perceptions of Health and Safety Climates
A Model for Positioning the Integrated Work and Health Approach in Companies: Mutual De Seguridad Experience
A Multi-Method Exploration of How Work Contributes to Well-Being
A Regional Survey Assessing Total Worker Health® Engagement Among Small Employers in the Midwest
A Work Health and Safety Regulator’s Journey; Promoting an Integrated Health, Safety and Wellbeing Approach
An Assessment for Family-Friendly Workplace Best Practices: Implementation, Outcomes, and Lessons Learned
Applications of A Needs-Based Model of Healthy Workplaces to Field Settings
Applying New and Broad Ways to Use Data Sources and Metrics to Assess the Relationship Between Work and Health
Aragon Workers’ Health Study (AWHS): Promoting the Occupational Health of Workers in OPEL Spain
Assessing Impact of Legislation to Provide Training & Prevent Workplace Violence among NJ Home Healthcare Aides
Association Between Commercial Vehicle Driver At-Fault Crashes Involving Sleepiness/Fatigue and Proximity to Rest Areas
AUVAfit A Strategy From AUVA in Order to Prevent Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders
Barriers Associated with Discontinued Breastfeeding After Returning to Work Among NH WIC Mothers
Blending Well With Green
CDC’s New Workplace Health Resource Aims to Help Businesses Improve Employee’s Productivity and Performance
Combining Wellness Into A Repetitive Stress Injury Prevention Program
Community-Based Didactic Readers’ Theater Changes Work Behaviors of Senior Farmers
Comparing Employee Goals Set During Health Coaching to Health Risk Appraisal Responses
Connecting the Dots to Promote Total Sailor Fitness
Continuing the Conversation Communicating Total Worker Health® Online
Correction Workers Health and Wellness Engagement of Research and Professional Partners Through the National Corrections Collaborative
Creating A Standard Work Organization Risk Assessment Tool for US Workers
Demonstrating Value Measuring Outcomes and Mitigating Risk
Developing and Sustaining Partnerships to Advance Workplace Health Promotion Programs in Small and Mid-Size Business
Dissemination of Total Worker Health® Strategies to Employers Addressing Employee Health in the 21st Century
Employee Safety, Health and Well-Being Focus Group Findings From One Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Engaging Manufacturers to Measure and Improve Worker Well-Being in Supply Chains
Establishing and Maintaining A Successful Fatigue Risk Management System
Examining Cancer Burden in the Fire Service Evidence from the Sylvester Firefighter Cancer Initiative
Exploring Individual and Organizational Stress-Reducing Interventions Across Industries
Exploring Occupational Health Nurse’s Understanding and Needs in Regard to Total Worker Health
Falls, Fall Injuries and the Aging Workforce
Fujifilm Fit – A total Worker Health Approach in Manufacturing
Fundamentals of Total Worker Health® Approaches – From Reach to Exposure to Engagement
Health and Safety Interventions for Professional Drivers: A Scoping Review
Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Grand Challenge: An Overview
HearWell: Using the CPH-NEW Intervention Design and Analysis Scorecard (IDEAS) Tool to Develop Interventions for Hearing Health in Transportation Workers
How to Build A Sustainable Employer Wellness Training Using Quality Improvement Tools, Partnerships and Collaborations
How to Plan, Implement and Evaluate Retirement Planning Programs: A Brazilian Experience
Integrated Health Protection and Promotion Programs for Truck Drivers in BC, Canada
Internet Delivered, Interactive-Media-Based Psychological Support for Employees
Job Strain, Long Work Hours, and Suicidal Ideation in US Workers: A Longitudinal Study
Management of Age Diversity in Organizations: A Brazilian Scale
Managing Cultural Diversity At US Construction Sites: Hispanic Workers’ Perspectives
Measuring Naturally Occurring Integration of Traditional Health Protection With Wellness Programs
Neuromodulators Non-Opioid Pain Relief for Occupational Injuries
Occupational Injury and Employment Duration: An Analysis of Newly Hired Manufacturing Workers
Occupational Physical Activity in Brewery and Office-Based Workers
Oregon’s Total Worker Health® Alliance
Organizational Empowerment Through Data in the United States Fire Service
Policies to Drive Healthier Choices
Policy Matters for Total Worker Health
Preventive Care Utilization Association with Individual – and Workgroup – Level Policy and Practice Perceptions
Proceedings from the Total Worker Health® Research Methodology Workshop: Study Design and Measurement Options
Promoting Health and Function Among Chronically Ill Workers: Evaluation of A Self-Management Group
Return to Work After Breast Cancer Treatment in African-American Patients
Rural and Urban Jail Total Worker Health® Needs Assessment: Similar Health, Different Workplaces
Southeastern State Research Collaboration to Assess First Responder Exposures During Opioid Overdose Emergency Responses
Testing An Innovative Multi-Level Workplace Weight Loss Intervention in the “Working for You” Study
The Continuum of Support – Stress First Aid for Wildland Firefighters and First Responders
The Healthy Workplace and Generation Z Designing for Need Satisfaction
The Hub Collaborating for Health and Wellbeing Through Innovative, Sustainable, and Community Building Design
Three Approaches to Workplace Alcohol, Drug, and Rx Prevention: 20 Years of Research-to-Practice
Total Absence Management Pilot Program At Johns Hopkins Hospital
Total Farmer Health – An Adaptation of Total Worker Health
Total Rural Worker Health: Agricultural Workplace Risks and Health Outcomes
Total Trucker Health Revisited: Surveillance and Intervention Research
Total Worker Health Approaches in Healthcare Settings: Insights From Long-Term Care, Acute Care, and Home Care
Total Worker Health Approaches in State and Territorial Health Departments: A National Mixed-Methods Study
Total Worker Health As An Approach to Improve Population Health
Total Worker Health in Higher Education & Academic Settings
Total Worker Health Leadership: A Small Business Leader Perspective
Translation and Adaptation of a Total Worker Health Intervention
Turning Unhealthy Work Into Healthy Work: Healthy Communities Through Healthy Work Action Research
TWH Approach to Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Origin in Guatemalan Agriworkers
Uncovering Training Needs for Total Worker Health Professionals: Results of A National Continuing Education Survey
Using A Case Studies Approach to Examine Total Worker Health® in Small Enterprises
Using CPH-NEW’s Healthy Workplace Participatory Program to Advance Total Worker Health for Different Occupational Groups
Using Intermediaries to Implement Total Worker Health Interventions in Challenging Industries
Using Participatory Methods in A Workplace Weight Loss Program for Low-Wage and Hourly Healthcare Workers
Violence Experienced By Registered Nurses Working in Hospitals: An Evaluation Study
Well-Being, Championship, and Fatigue Management: A Research-Driven Approach in Manufacturing
What’s Needed to Create A Movement for Total Worker Health®
Working Conditions As Drivers and Indicators of A Total Worker Health Framework
Workplace Bullying: What You Should Know
Workplace Interventions to Facilitate Returning to Work After Musculoskeletal Disorders Practice Variations and Theoretical Premises
A Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Overview With A View to Propose Holistic and Harmonised Management
A Peer-Reviewed Analysis for World Trade Center Health Program Human Service Professionals
A Qualitative Study of the Work Health and Safety of On-Demand Drivers
Assessing Latino Workers’ Health Concerns About Personal Health and the Workplace Environment
Carbon Monoxide Exposure Levels in Hookah Bar Establishments
Continuous Quality Improvement of the American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index
Decent Work and Well-Being Taking an Interdisciplinary Approach to Worker Health
Early Intervention Methods the Bridge to Total Worker Health
Evaluation of Intensive Hospital Staff Safety Measures in a 1200 Bedded TB Hospital in Mumbai
Exploring Social Support Network Structures for Multi-Role Workers
Factors Associated with Obesity in Healthcare Workers
Health Links Colorado: Creating Cancer Supportive Work Environments As Part of Organizational Change in the Workplace
Health, Safety and Well-Being in Urban and Rural Counties: A Snapshot of Federal Region VII
How TWH Intervention Research Employs the Hierarchy of Controls
Integrative Prevention: A Global Perspective On Occupational Health and Wellbeing for Women and Men
Job Stress and Burnout Results From A Nationally Worker Representative Survey
Leveraging Risk Management Tools to Prevent Fatal and Life-Changing Injury Events
Multi-Disciplinary Teams for Public Safety Well-Being
Newly Licensed Nurses and their Experiences of Workplace Bullying
NIOSH TWH Research Program Evaluation Process and Recommendations
Noise Control Design for Health & Safety
PBE: Experience of a Quality of Life and Wellness Program for Health Workers
Perceived Effectiveness of A Workplace Stress Management Intervention: Complementing or Compensating for your Supervisor
Perceptions of Age and Occupational Safety: Can Generational Labels Play A Role?
Police On-Duty Injury Duration and Sleep Quality: Mediational Effects of Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms
Project EMPOWER: Study Protocol for A Novel Web-Based Intervention for Workers With Chronic Health
Promoting U Through Safety and Health (PUSH): Evaluation of An Online Training for Young Workers
Safety Risk and Occupational Rewards Perception and Trade-off: A Study in Construction
Small Business Wellness Climate Assessment and Intervention for Safety Sensitive Occupations
Strategies to Increase Health Workers’ Adherence to the Annual Periodic Medical Examination
Sufficient Off-Job Time Promotes Employees’ Daily Well-Being and Prevents Memory Failures At Work
The Art and Science of Evaluation Planning in A New Total Worker Health® Center of Excellence
The Impact of Leadership Development On Burnout and Resilience in the Healthcare Industry
The Influence of a Team Competition on Pedal Stand Use
The Prevalence of Practicing Safety Professionals’ Knowledge, Involvement, and Competency Associated with Workplace Wellness Programs
The Psychological Risk Assessment As An Approach for An Age-Sensitive Workplace Health
The Small+Safe+Well (SSWell) Study: A Niosh Center of Excellence Small Business TWH Intervention Study
Three Nurses, a Driver and a Truck Creating Smart Movers
Using Experience Sampling Method for Total Worker Health
Utilizing Exercise to Advance Occupational Injury Prevention