2018 Symposium Theme

Our theme for the 2018 Symposium was Work & Well-Being: How Safer, Healthier Work Can Enhance Well-Being. The TWH Program supports the development and adoption of ground-breaking research and best practices of approaches that emphasize the opportunities to sustain and improve worker safety and health through a primary focus on the workplace. The TWH approach integrates workplace interventions that protect safety and health with activities that advance the overall well-being of workers. Establishing policies, programs, and practices within the workplace that focus on advancing the safety, health and well-being of the workforce may be helpful for individuals, their families, communities, employers and the economy as a whole. TWH explores opportunities to both protect workers from hazards and advance their health and well-being by targeting the conditions of work. Our 2018 Symposium theme explored a broad range of topics related to the core values of TWH: safer work, healthier work design, and better defining and understanding worker well-being.

Areas of importance related to this conference topic include, but are not limited to:

Workplace Risks and Health Outcomes
Health and the Work Environment – Optimizing Organizational Policies and Practices
Approaches to Supervision and Employee Relations and Links to Health
Changing Workforce Demographics
Work-Life Continuum and Implications for Well-being
Work Design and New Technologies
Globalization and the International Economy
Partnerships and Collaborations
Advancing the State of the Science for Total Worker Health: Methods for Research and Interventions

Case Studies related to any of the above