About TWH Symposium

Begun in 2014, the International Symposium to Advance Total Worker Health is the only NIOSH-sponsored public conference focused solely on advancing Total Worker Health research, practice, policies, and programs. Bringing together experts from academia, labor, business, and government, the Symposium examines opportunities to make workplaces safer and improve the health and well-being of the workforce across the nation and world. We invite you to join us for compelling keynote addresses, expert presentations, and informal workshops emphasizing the latest strategies aligned with a Total Worker Health approach. The 2018 Symposium built on the success of the 2014 Symposium while addressing the latest trends and new research in the Total Worker Health field.

Goals of the 2018 Symposium were to:

… Our dedication to the safety and health of all workers
… A commitment to prioritizing safety in all jobs

… The way we craft and organize work
… The workplace environment to optimize health opportunities
… The way we lead, manage and supervise

… New strategies for re-designing work for improved worker well-being
… New links between work and the risks for chronic disease and solutions to address them
… Novel research, methods and interventions for advancing Total Worker Health